A member of the notorious bad boy motorcycle club, Fallen Angels, Beau Colt MacDonald is as rough and mean as they come.  A hulking giant of a man, he is known for being one of few words, so Beau doesn’t mince any when it comes to forbidding his younger stepsister from joining the Fallen Angels’ sister club, Angels’ Wings.


Although, Angels’ Wings is known for its legit female bikers, it is equally infamous because of the biker groupies who call themselves members.  So Beau is determined that the only way his little sister will ever become an Angels’ Wing is over his dead body.


Tia knows Beau’s stance on the matter, and she is almost furious enough to take him up on his challenge by killing him herself.  Her older stepbrother still thinks he can boss her around but she is no longer a little girl who is scared and intimidated by her older brother’s gruff ways—and she is about to prove it.  Her mama taught her long ago that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and Tia has devised the perfect trap for her pigheaded brother.


It’s time that Beau gets it through his thick, stubborn skull that Tia is now a grown woman, and she’s going to get him to finally realize this the only way she knows how—by showing him.  Begging a favor from a couple of her friends who work at the local strip club Beau frequents, Tia only plans to prank her older step-brother until she can convince him to see things her way and let her join Angels’ Wings.


But Tia quickly realizes she may have gotten more than she bargained for by poking her bear of a brother, when she finds herself naked and alone with Beau in a darkened, secluded room reserved for private dances.


Tia thought she was going to settle the score, but Beau is the one who is about to get even when he takes his rebellious little step-sister hard and without protection and finally shows her that he isn’t the only one who isn’t a kid anymore.



Warning: This is an erotic short story that contains sexually explicit content, which is only suitable for mature readers 18+.  It features taboo erotica themes, which some readers may find objectionable.  Although it features a HEA ending, this is not an erotic romance.